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Digital Marketing is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. ​

The COVID-19 epidemic has revolutionized our way of life and work where digital has become the very essence of communication.

​​As a health communication agency, Thinline capitalizes on its 15 years of experience and positions itself as a pioneer in digital pharma campaigns.​​

Whether you want to discuss strategy, or work on a patient awareness plan, you will find at the same address a team that can take care of your needs from the concept proposal to its digital deployment, including the creation of content and motion design animations.​


The digital agency Thinline designs all the graphic elements that allow your brand to truly embody its DNA and its promise in the eyes of its audience.​

We implement brand strategies and develop graphic designs for maximum impact and guarantee the success of your communication campaign.

Our creatives and designers will know how to distinguish you with a visual identity that is both aesthetic and original, highlighting your values and the facets of your “brand”.

​​Logo and graphic charter​
Product launch
​Awareness campaign​
Creative concept

Social media strategy​

Our social media marketing experts support you in all stages of your digital transformation and the development of your e-reputation and reputation on the web thanks to the most relevant digital tools and levers.​

We design communication strategies through social networks to achieve your goals of patient awareness or education.​​

Social media editorial calendar​
Competitive intelligence​
Community Management​
Search Engine Marketing (SEO, SEA, SMO)
​KPI’s & Reporting​

Motion Design and audiovisual production​

Bring your content to life and boost your communication campaign!​ At Thinline, our creatives imagine a lively universe to set you apart.​

From briefing to full content creation, our studios are at your disposal to create original storyboards, unique animations, playful comics and sophisticated video clips.​

This is done with the ultimate goal of conveying your brand or business values and your awareness or education messages in a clear, concise and attractive way.​