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In this disrupted and complex period which forces us to innovate and rethink our professional habits, the e-event or digital event has never been so necessary.​ 

The pharmaceutical industry has high requirements in terms of content quality and project management. This is why we provide full support to all organizations wishing to create a virtual event, an e-congress, a videoconference, a webinar or a Masterclass. ​

An event attracts attention, the digital event captivates its audience. ​

Today, for a brand to capture the attention of its target audience, it has to stand out, innovate and adopt new technologies. ​

We offer you a wide range of digital event platforms specially dedicated to the success of your webinars, e-conferences and online masterclasses.​ Simple and effective e-event solutions, allowing you to bring together doctors, your partners and collaborators around a virtual and interactive platform so that your message is received in the best possible way.

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With 16 years of experience in pharma communication, you will be successful from your first digital event. 

Thinline guides you through its various event solutions to facilitate the achievement of your objectives. The many advantages that digital events offer, for your organizers and participants, are the success factors of your project. 

A virtual event makes it easier for you to organize and allows you to focus more easily on your content: The number of places is not limited by the location, the virtual event does not require travel and allows you to save time and in silver. 

This is why we offer solutions adapted to your needs, such as webinars, e-congresses, Masterclasses, videoconferencing, meetings or online meetings and much more.

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Complete customization of your digital event!

From the briefing we manage to imagine and conceptualize the course of your entire e-event. We support you from graphic design to audiovisual production, including emailing campaigns and guest management.​ ​

One of the greatest satisfactions of digital events is to go beyond your expectations and provide an ever more immersive experience!​ ​

Through personalization, Thinline will ensure that your digital event is designed to appeal to your audience, is memorable and has a high impact.​